The Wooden Canoe Shop, Inc. was incorporated in 1987 by Gilbert Cramer to restore wood/canvas canoes. Restoring canoes had been Gil's hobby ever since he was given an old Shell Lake canoe years before.

At first it was part-time, but in 1995, restoring canoes and boats became Gil's full-time job. In addition to wood canvas canoes, restorations were extended to all types of small wooden boats.

Canoes The Wooden Canoe Shop is a restoration-only shop. Gil chose to follow his passion and works alone, only restoring wooden canoes and boats. He doesn't build new canoes, offer classes, nor restores fiberglass-covered stripper canoes.

Boat restorations Gil has restored almost 600 canoes and boats of many different constructions, from a 7' Penn Yan dinghy to a 16' Lapstrake Tonka Craft. He has restored every major brand of canoe and most minor brands.

The Wooden Canoe Shop is located in Bryan, Ohio, less than 200 miles from Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, Indianapolis Indiana, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland Ohio. The Wooden Canoe Shop is only 10 miles south of the Ohio Turnpike in Northwest OH.

A complete canoe restoration including stripping the interior varnish and re-varnishing, re-canvassing, and repairing any woodwork, usually costs between $3500 and $4000. Upon my inspection of the canoe, you will be given a firm quote for the total cost due upon completion. I also restore wooden boats of all construction types.

Thank you for visiting the website. You will find more information and pictures on canoe restorations or boat restorations in the main menu or occasionally we will have a boat or canoe for sale as well. Feel free to contact us by email or call with your questions or comments.

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